Dream Journal

A night as a supermarket manager

As I am standing in front of my sister’s house, I look around and see a lot of neighbor houses. I know that there only a few houses near hers why there are now so many. So I ask her. And she simply says “Don’t you know? You’re not standing in front of my house, this is way down the road. And down here there are many houses!” I am shocked at why I don’t realize this. Not knowing where I am is probably the most embarrasing especially if it is my hometown.

I walk up the road, it seem to go uphill. There few other guys join me and up we go. Before I know it, I seem to be walking on stairway and a very long on too. I think I will never reach my destination this way. However I keep on walking.

Wait, what? I have to climb up to the ceiling now? Why? That the way to the supermarket, they say. What supermarket? I wonder. I never heard anything about having a supermarket around town. Besides, this is not city! Nobody would ever build a supermarket here! Despite my curiosity I climb up to the ceiling through a very narrow hole. I barely make it.

Next thing I know, I am in a supermarket! Isn’t that great? But wait, what am I wearing! A t-shirt and Cambodian​ class towels? Seriously? Why would I ever wear that to go to a supermarket! Everyone will be laughing at me. Strangely enough, nobody seem to care what I am wearing. Nobody even look at me. I feel so relief.

As I am wondering from store to store. I meet this lady and her daughter. She seem to know me. At least that what I think. She sees me and smile at me. Does she know me? or is it because of my awesome towels that I am wearing? Or because of my shoes? Great, my sneakers is full of dirt. This must be because of the fact that I have to walked a long way uphill to get in this big supermarket. I have to clean up my shoes!

I walk to the restroom, somehow I get a place to clean my shoes nicely. While I’m here, let’s do a number two. As I am sitting in there I ask myself “Why would I wear a towels to a supermarket? If only I wear a trouser instead of this.” I look down and next thing I know, I am wearing a trouser! I am wearing my old brown trousers from years ago! At least it is better than towels.

Wait a minute, why it suddenly changed from wearing towels to trousers this quick? Am I dreaming? I got to be dreaming right now. Let test it out! If I am dreaming, I should be able to push my left pointy finger through my right palm! I do it but to my disappointment it doesn’t go through. This can’t be happening. I have to be dreaming right now!

I walk toward the restroom door as a security guy come in through the door. Oh no, it must be because I do something wrong! It must be because of my towels! Nobody wear towels to supermarket! I am panic. But there is one thing I need to do for one last time. I need know that I am dreaming or not. As he approaches, I tell myself I am this supermarket manager. I am wearing a nice suit.

Immediately, I become a manger. I am wearing a nice suit. At this point, I know I am dreaming. And for a very short moment I know I am having a lucid dream. Just as I able to change myself willingly knowing that I am dreaming, everything when blank.

For a short period of time tonight, I am a supermarket manager.


How words disturb people lives

Word is powerful in our lives. It is how we communicate with one another. It can make other happy. It also can be very disturbing and destructing. Word can change a person life. It can bring you up and also down. Your own word can affect another and the other’s affects you. Life is nothing without words.

Imagine talking to your neighbor suddenly they say your backyard is messy. How would you feel? No matter what the fact is, you would find your feeling changed. Your life disturbed by just a simple sentence. Either you feel yourself with rage and return with some insults of your own. Or you calm your feeling and say nothing but improve your backyard? Or maybe your backyard is already perfect?

Now since we’re free, let’s do another imagination. You and your lover are so much in love. You always convey beautiful words with one another. Don’t you dare depend on it to make you feel good or too attached to those words. Eventually one day, you will find your partner say things that you don’t like. And at that moment in time you would return with similarly unpleasant words. Or you may react differently if you don’t get so much in love with words in the first place. Love someone as they are, not what words they speak. Words can make you happy, be happy but better not holding on to it.

Instead of being attached to those words – love when it’s sweet – hate when it’s sour, try to be happy from within yourself. You’re born happy. You don’t need happy words to be happy. But if words do make you feel happy then be it. Life is still happy after those words gone. You don’t need someone to admire your backyard to be happy and be sad if words come out the opposite. You don’t need sweet words to fall in love as words will eventually change. Words make you happy but don’t let it disrupt your happy life.


Setting up a very easy blog

it was a very long time ago that I started building a blog. It’s funny how I have been doing it for a long time and yet I’m still writing my first blog post. Now I’m gonna tell you have I started at the very basic level.

First, you have to find your niche. What is your passion? Maybe you travel a lot? or maybe you stay home and cook a lot? or you watch a lot of movies and have something to say about them? Put it all on paper and see which one you enjoy doing the most. With that being said, some niche may be harder to get off the ground than the other. But still, the most important thing is doing what you enjoy. If you set up a niche that maybe one of the popular ones make sure it is the one that you at least happy to write about and have some knowledge of it.

Second, find a blogging platform. The more professional way would be to buy a domain and hosting and have one of those popular CMS installed. But if we talk about the basic and easy nothing beats free platform like

Blogger, it is a very well known blogging platform and it’s my go-to platform if I was just started. Why is it easy to approach? The first and most important thing is it’s free and customizable. is also free but when it’s come to customizing it doesn’t reach the level of That is also a downfall as it quite a bit complicated to customize a blogger blog. However, a basic understanding of web designing like CSS, HTML, Javascript will get you far.

So head over to right now and start writing. Do not care about what’s next, just write what you love.