Dream Journal

A night as a supermarket manager

As I am standing in front of my sister’s house, I look around and see a lot of neighbor houses. I know that there only a few houses near hers why there are now so many. So I ask her. And she simply says “Don’t you know? You’re not standing in front of my house, this is way down the road. And down here there are many houses!” I am shocked at why I don’t realize this. Not knowing where I am is probably the most embarrasing especially if it is my hometown.

I walk up the road, it seem to go uphill. There few other guys join me and up we go. Before I know it, I seem to be walking on stairway and a very long on too. I think I will never reach my destination this way. However I keep on walking.

Wait, what? I have to climb up to the ceiling now? Why? That the way to the supermarket, they say. What supermarket? I wonder. I never heard anything about having a supermarket around town. Besides, this is not city! Nobody would ever build a supermarket here! Despite my curiosity I climb up to the ceiling through a very narrow hole. I barely make it.

Next thing I know, I am in a supermarket! Isn’t that great? But wait, what am I wearing! A t-shirt and Cambodian​ class towels? Seriously? Why would I ever wear that to go to a supermarket! Everyone will be laughing at me. Strangely enough, nobody seem to care what I am wearing. Nobody even look at me. I feel so relief.

As I am wondering from store to store. I meet this lady and her daughter. She seem to know me. At least that what I think. She sees me and smile at me. Does she know me? or is it because of my awesome towels that I am wearing? Or because of my shoes? Great, my sneakers is full of dirt. This must be because of the fact that I have to walked a long way uphill to get in this big supermarket. I have to clean up my shoes!

I walk to the restroom, somehow I get a place to clean my shoes nicely. While I’m here, let’s do a number two. As I am sitting in there I ask myself “Why would I wear a towels to a supermarket? If only I wear a trouser instead of this.” I look down and next thing I know, I am wearing a trouser! I am wearing my old brown trousers from years ago! At least it is better than towels.

Wait a minute, why it suddenly changed from wearing towels to trousers this quick? Am I dreaming? I got to be dreaming right now. Let test it out! If I am dreaming, I should be able to push my left pointy finger through my right palm! I do it but to my disappointment it doesn’t go through. This can’t be happening. I have to be dreaming right now!

I walk toward the restroom door as a security guy come in through the door. Oh no, it must be because I do something wrong! It must be because of my towels! Nobody wear towels to supermarket! I am panic. But there is one thing I need to do for one last time. I need know that I am dreaming or not. As he approaches, I tell myself I am this supermarket manager. I am wearing a nice suit.

Immediately, I become a manger. I am wearing a nice suit. At this point, I know I am dreaming. And for a very short moment I know I am having a lucid dream. Just as I able to change myself willingly knowing that I am dreaming, everything when blank.

For a short period of time tonight, I am a supermarket manager.