How words disturb people lives

Word is powerful in our lives. It is how we communicate with one another. It can make other happy. It also can be very disturbing and destructing. Word can change a person life. It can bring you up and also down. Your own word can affect another and the other’s affects you. Life is nothing without words.

Imagine talking to your neighbor suddenly they say your backyard is messy. How would you feel? No matter what the fact is, you would find your feeling changed. Your life disturbed by just a simple sentence. Either you feel yourself with rage and return with some insults of your own. Or you calm your feeling and say nothing but improve your backyard? Or maybe your backyard is already perfect?

Now since we’re free, let’s do another imagination. You and your lover are so much in love. You always convey beautiful words with one another. Don’t you dare depend on it to make you feel good or too attached to those words. Eventually one day, you will find your partner say things that you don’t like. And at that moment in time you would return with similarly unpleasant words. Or you may react differently if you don’t get so much in love with words in the first place. Love someone as they are, not what words they speak. Words can make you happy, be happy but better not holding on to it.

Instead of being attached to those words – love when it’s sweet – hate when it’s sour, try to be happy from within yourself. You’re born happy. You don’t need happy words to be happy. But if words do make you feel happy then be it. Life is still happy after those words gone. You don’t need someone to admire your backyard to be happy and be sad if words come out the opposite. You don’t need sweet words to fall in love as words will eventually change. Words make you happy but don’t let it disrupt your happy life.