Setting up a very easy blog

it was a very long time ago that I started building a blog. It’s funny how I have been doing it for a long time and yet I’m still writing my first blog post. Now I’m gonna tell you have I started at the very basic level.

First, you have to find your niche. What is your passion? Maybe you travel a lot? or maybe you stay home and cook a lot? or you watch a lot of movies and have something to say about them? Put it all on paper and see which one you enjoy doing the most. With that being said, some niche may be harder to get off the ground than the other. But still, the most important thing is doing what you enjoy. If you set up a niche that maybe one of the popular ones make sure it is the one that you at least happy to write about and have some knowledge of it.

Second, find a blogging platform. The more professional way would be to buy a domain and hosting and have one of those popular CMS installed. But if we talk about the basic and easy nothing beats free platform like

Blogger, it is a very well known blogging platform and it’s my go-to platform if I was just started. Why is it easy to approach? The first and most important thing is it’s free and customizable. is also free but when it’s come to customizing it doesn’t reach the level of That is also a downfall as it quite a bit complicated to customize a blogger blog. However, a basic understanding of web designing like CSS, HTML, Javascript will get you far.

So head over to right now and start writing. Do not care about what’s next, just write what you love.